Worldwide release at World Compliance Association Antifraud Congress

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FOXid is the new identity instant verifier and validation system for connected devices that, for the first time, combines experts knowledge, worldwide permanently interconnected security Identity Documents Anti-Fraud experts network, with a formats and security characteristics data base knowledge of all both fake known, and valid official passports, driver licenses and national ID’s, from every country in the World, access to official open data base of Stolen and Lost Travel and Identification Documents, and machine learning and artificial intelligence research, development and innovation expert team.

“Regardless the advance in the security of Passports, driver licenses and National Identity Documents, now including Machine Reading Characters, MRZ, and even biometric data, the reality is that we are living just a sense of security, not a real one.”

“According to official numbers, in this case from the European Data protection Regulation body, every second, 35 identity data are being stolen in the world. This means 421 Billion stolen ID data, just last year.”

Enrique Solana CEO of FOXid, Spanish born World Identity Documents cloud based instant verification and expert validation app and solution for connected devices, smartphones, tablets, laptops and pc’s, expressed while showing to the audience a shocking representation of a real time world map filling up with 35 red dots every second where passports and ID’s are continuously being stolen.

The world premier presentation of FOXid at the World Compliance Association Anti-Fraud Congress in Madrid, Spain, co-organized with The Behavior & Law Foundation, at the -awarded best custodian bank of the year- Cecabank facilities, has gathered world experts in counter terrorism and anti-fraud.

Among them, the Head of The Center of Intelligence against Terrorism and Organized Crime of the Government of Spain, José Luis Olivera, The Financial Crime Prosecutor, J.A. Frago, the Director of The Antifraud Behavior Analysis Institute, Antonio Domínguez, and the Chairman of the World Compliance Association, Iván Martínez.

Everyone agreed identity fraud and Stolen identity is a main key issue for National and global security. It is not only tragically related to every terrorist activity and attack, but also to the most economically painful problem of each and every company and public administration in the world.

“Last year, in The US alone, 16 Billion US dollars were stolen from 15 million US citizens because of Identity Fraud using false or stolen IDs and Passports, according to the Insurance Information Institute 2017 Identity Fraud Study.” Enrique Solana, FOXid CEO continues. “The World Police organization, Interpol, that we all managed to create to united coordinate fight against crime and fraud, gathers 192 countries and daily updates and provides to all police forces of member countries the Stolen and Lost Travel Documents, SLTD, data base. It now has a total of 68 million records and receives 1.6 Billion consultations per year but the outcome is as little as 115,000 false matches.”

“There is an ID falsification supermarket land open 24/7 available and it is welcoming everybody through every connected device. And we are not talking about the Dark Net… Just Google: buy Stolen or False Passport or ID. You’ll have plenty to choose. And guess what, many sellers and buyers could be under 18 years all”.

“Particularly since the September 11 and the 11M Madrid attacks we have advanced in issuing more secure ID’s and Passports which now include Machine Reading Zones MRZ and even biometric data, but as we are aware, they are stolen and falsified for dozens every second. We have also advanced in the development and implementation of electronic verification of Identity Documents, some of them are already onboarding digital implemented in large banks, insurance companies, rent a car and other institutions, but ID fraud continues rising. At restricted areas access control matching of ID fraud seems to be very difficult. We ask all passengers at airports to wait in line to identify themselves but many of the bad guys are not detected because they carry very well falsified or manipulated stolen IDs that present machines and police officers eyes are not capable to detect.

Clearly what we have and what we are doing to verify false identities it is not enough.”

But, what if. 

What if we were capable to provide the expertise of best world Identity Documents experts to everyone, every time, everywhere?

Could it be possible to create a real time ID verifier and validation system available through an app for mobile devices and computers providing instant verification and validation, anywhere in the world, to reach 99,99% of verification matching success?

A system, both capable of being secure on the cloud, and onboard digitally integrated in a client resident private network?

“Well, we had to try, we did, and we have succeeded.”

“We are very proud to announce the immediate worldwide release of FOXid the system that combines artificial intelligence with the largest ID expert team and ID Database in the world.”

“FOXid is already available for every country in the world in Spanish and English. We also develop and deliver on demand requests, in every language particularly for National Intelligence agencies, Police, defense forces and Bureaus of information of different countries around the world.”

FOXid it is now a reality thanks to the collaboration with the good people at Interdocpol, Acadocpol, Adofor, FENEVAL, AECA, Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson, Telefonica, 50wise AI and FOXid expert teams.

“After four years of intense diplomatic international relations, research, development and innovation, we have managed to create and integrate a multinational network of experts to assist the verification when the system needs it.”

How does FOXid work? 

We want to verify a document, let’s say a Passport from The Republic of the Ivory Coast. We open the app at our smartphone and take a picture of the ID page. Or with a computer we scan or take a picture with the connected webcam. The system automatically frames it and uploads it. At this point our trained Artificial Intelligence IBM Watson first layer operates. It has been trained to determine what type of Identity Document we want to verify and from where is it, Passport, Driver license or other National ID, saving time and uncertainty. So the AI identifies the document and comes back to the person who is using FOXid to ask precise key questions about the document, to interact with it, so he or she instantly acts as an expert, and rapidly and easily verifies the authenticity of the Document. Even though, in case of any possible hesitation, the system recommends the expert call. If required, the inquiry with all the data is instantly supplied to the FOXid group of ID anti-fraud certified experts, and it is directly offered to the ones particularly specialized in the ID country of origin. As if a “cabify app” were, the first expert to get the request gives the immediate expert validation of authentic or false document with a savable and printable report. The whole process can take from seconds up to 15 minutes if the expert live online review is requested.

FOXid not only make us safer and stronger against fraud, crime and terrorism, but also allow us to alleviate tremendous delays at legal procedures waiting from expert ID verifications from ID’s countries of origin. 

“We are working to become even faster in our verifications by continuous machine learning expert training of Artificial Intelligence to help us speed up more and more steps of the verification, but we always relay on the experts, to teach and train the Artificial Intelligence of our machines and to give the final expert verdict when needed.”

“Gary Kasparov the great chess player champion recently said: We cannot slow down. In fact, we have to speed up. Our technology excels at removing difficulties and uncertainties from our lives, and so we must seek out ever more difficult, ever more uncertain challenges. Machines have calculations. We have understanding. Machines have instructions. We have purpose. Machines have objectivity. We have passion.” 

“At FOXid we say: It is not faith in technology, it is faith in people. In experts we trust.”

Before released, FOXid has been tested by world class counter terrorism and antifraud Spanish forces.

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